We didn’t have long to stay in Glasgow. I regretted not allowing more time for Scotland in hindsight. I definitely want to organise another trip to Scotland some time this summer, maybe even take in some of the Edinburgh Fringe Fest. if I can get some kind of a job.


Glasgow has a bad reputation. A lot of people I’ve spoken to called it a kip and talked about the soccer violence (as a genetic Celtic supporter I was only mildly concerned)  but that wasn’t my experience of the city .


There were so many little shops and cafes around Glasgow, a surprisingly widespread steampunk and goth scene:


and some lovely public spaces.


Not to mention a TARDIS.


There were some beautiful churches and the Museum of Modern Art is well worth a visit for the building itself if nothing else (has a good gift shop too – always a plus in my books).

We were staying in the Euro Hostel Glasgow with was clean, spacious and good value. It was more like a cheap self-catering hotel because it was so big and there wasn’t much atmosphere but the bar attached on the ground (Osmosis) was good craic and had live music.

The next day we had breakfast in our last Caffe Nero (NERD) of the trip and got the train out to the airport. We were flying Ryanair which of course means we were in the actual Glasgow airport but rather Glasgow/Preswick with was 45 minutes away. The airport was creepily empty. In fact we had to go and find someone to open the check-in desk because there were no staff anywhere. It was like an airport during a zombie apocalypse or something.

And then all too soon; the trip was over. We were home and back to reality.

But don’t worry folks, reality is an infrequent guest on this blog!