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March 2013

Greece 2012 #2

The study tour section of the trip started in earnest at half eight on Tuesday morning after our dishevelled group staggered down from breakfast, such as it was. I was worried that I wouldn’t know many people or that travelling... Continue Reading →

Losing a friend

My dog Cian, of nearly seventeen years, died today. I’ve lived with Cian nearly my entire life. My memories before him are fragmented because I was too young. I don’t really know what to do. I said goodbye this morning... Continue Reading →

An Archaeology Tour of Greece (2012) #1

I've wanted to go to Athens and see the Acropolis since I was eleven and my drama teacher started us on Greek tragedies. So when a university study trip of ten days based in the ancient city was offered to me... Continue Reading →

This is not a bucket list (it is)

In August of 2011 took one of those “How Long Will You Live” online tests that ask you about your health and habits – just for fun really. I did quite well actually as my expected death age, of 86 years,... Continue Reading →

Rome in France Lyon & Nimes

We arrived in Lyon to an evening of heavy snow. We were running late after getting the tram and two metros from the airport to our hostel on the quays of the river Saone. The Cool and Bed Hostel is... Continue Reading →

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