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April 2013

Greece 2012 #7 Temples and Take-Off

Then before we realised it, it was the last day of the road trip portion of our journey. In a desperate attempt to fit everything in we visited three major sites on the way back to Athens. Epidaurus was our... Continue Reading →

Greece 2012 #6: Mystra and Menelaoin

The morning we left Sparti we visited the stunning, Frankish, hilltop monastic settlement, Mystra. The Byzantine architecture fit beautifully into the rocky landscape.    It was also a peaceful place and we got on to the bus exhausted, overheated and sweating... Continue Reading →

Greece 2012 #5 Olympia and Sparta

We crossed the huge cable bridge that joins the Peloponnese to the mainland as Tom told us about the many naval battles that had been fought in the waters around us throughout history. It was hard to reconcile the sparkling... Continue Reading →

Greece 2012 #4 Itea and Delphi

Itea was once the ancient port of the Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi. After five days in dusty, sweltering Athens getting beside the sea was relief and a half. Itea is a pleasant seasidey town and most of the shops and... Continue Reading →

Greece 2012 #3 Museum and Leaving Athens

  So the main problem with writing about the Archaeological Museum properly is that I would basically need a few days and would finish up with a PHD.  It's huge. There are two floors both with dozens of rooms all... Continue Reading →

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