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To forage: verb (of a person or animal) to search widely for food or provisions. From old French fourrager (verb) from feurre ‘straw’ or fodder (Oxford English Dictionary)

Foraging and gathering wild food is an inherent part of our genetic make-up and was “humanity’s first and most successful adaptation, occupying at least 90 percent of human history(The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Hunter-Gatherers) All humans lived as hunter-gatherers until 12,000 years ago and research has found that these hunter-gatherer societies were highly egalitarian, with all members, male and female, young and old, being equal in power and respect. While making a claim that foraging makes societies more equal might be a bit of a stretch, this activity certainly has lots of other benefits for us that make it one of the most satisfying of pastimes.

collage peopel foragingWhy forage?

While supermarket aisles have replaced woodlands and beaches as our source…

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