Orla ní Dhúill


I’m a writer, born and bred in Dublin, Ireland. I work across a few different fields.

I write poetry and fiction, mostly stories about witches. My fiction work has mostly not reached the world except where I’d involved in D&D and tabletop RPG storytelling projects. My poetry is all over this blog and YouTube and I run a literary event with one of my closest friends, Jess, called the New Romantics monthly in Dublin.

My academic research is mostly in social media, environmentalism, and science communication in the Irish context but I also have a background in Irish history, the middle east, heritage management, environmental conservation and comic books. I also teach communications studies to undergrads. Imagine reading my CV.

I’m a lifelong activist on environmental, anti-war, social equity and left-wing causes as a queer, mentally ill, socialist Republican.

You can find me talking shit on Twitter, arguing about Irish folklore on Tumblr, or scribbling frantically in the corner of any old man pub in Dublin.

If you like what I do, and you can spare it, throw me a fiver so I can keep making stuff and putting them online for free


7 Thoughts

  1. Hi Orla, hope you’re well. Came across your article on Twitter about Irish being used for fantasy and found it very interesting. It also made me wonder if you’d be able to help me with something… I’d love to translate a song I’ve written into Irish. I can’t speak it myself, so wouldn’t have a clue where to begin. As you’re a poet also, I feel you may be able to lend a poet’s sensibility to it, rather than just a word for word translation. If you can’t help, that’s totally fine of course, I know you’re probably busy, but if you wouldn’t mind, I’d really appreciate it. If you’re interested you can hear the song here… (it’s quite short)
    Let me know what you think anyway, and if you feel you can help, I can send you the full lyrics. Thanks for taking the time and best of luck with everything Paul

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