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When the darkest days come we come together, We may never know why happiness sets up apart but tragedy stretches out a hand and lips to kiss it better.

Go Tell it to the Bees

Tell the bees that I have died, They used to say that if the hives weren’t told of a birth or death in the family they would leave the keeper, So there is no need to lie. Tell the bees... Continue Reading →


I have spent so much time on war, The more time I spent singing for peace The more I became a piece of wasted fury, Maybe not wasted when anger is A fundamentally logical response to injustice, But if it’s... Continue Reading →

How To Begin

When you walk into a psychologists office they offer you a seat a glass of water and a stupid question:   how are you?   Fine.   How to begin? At some point I learned how to walk, younger than... Continue Reading →

A Soft Day

Rain so light, call it mist Gathering on me almost unnoticed Except for my glasses And the pond's splashes And where it bruises the apple blossoms.   Call it misting, a soft day, For lingering in the back doorway, Too... Continue Reading →

Sonnet for Unlovable Nature

Celebrate saving the less charismatic Write odes to plankton, snail and flies, Our love of birds and mammals may be automatic, But we struggle to value lichen in our lives. It's harder to to sing of fungi than tigers, Hard... Continue Reading →


My parents are gardeners not by trade but by passion, And I was raised to love plants and climb trees but I was afraid of creepy-crawlies and often found myself retreating into my cave. And my mother says when her... Continue Reading →

Beginning again, again, again

This is a beginning that will be repeated again and again and again This is a story that is being retold, the same but new Beginning is the oldest thing you know how to do Again, again, again. Beginnings are... Continue Reading →

Late October

Persephone’s term begins the year’s dry lament Even while nymph’s paint gold dead leaves on the cement They force the evergreens to stay to cloak Demeter’s curse. That steals their father, Hellios away to freeze a solemn earth.   Light... Continue Reading →

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