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Internalising Writing Advice – Portraits & Dreams

There are lots of things that make the transition between writing sometimes and being a quote-unquote "writer" but at least some of them are psychological. For years you consume "Top 10 Tips on Plotting Your Novel" and listen to TEDTalks... Continue Reading →


I have spent so much time on war, The more time I spent singing for peace The more I became a piece of wasted fury, Maybe not wasted when anger is A fundamentally logical response to injustice, But if it’s... Continue Reading →

Write my masters thesis (Bucket List #29)

As per my ongoing This is not a bucket list Bucket let, #29 was to write my masters thesis which I have done! I spent six months of my life eyeball deep in data on biodiversity monitoring citizen science in... Continue Reading →


My parents are gardeners not by trade but by passion, And I was raised to love plants and climb trees but I was afraid of creepy-crawlies and often found myself retreating into my cave. And my mother says when her... Continue Reading →

What do you want to do?

People ask me "what do you want to do?" and my outside freezes while my insides start screaming "I don't know." I don't know. But I want to know. As a little girl I had a lot things I wanted... Continue Reading →

Beginning again, again, again

This is a beginning that will be repeated again and again and again This is a story that is being retold, the same but new Beginning is the oldest thing you know how to do Again, again, again. Beginnings are... Continue Reading →

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