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Less Loveable Lifeforms Like Me

Celebrate saving the less charismatic Write odes to plankton, snail and flies, Our love of birds and mammals may be automatic, But we struggle to value lichen in our lives. It’s harder to sing of fungi than of tigers, Hard to remember the worm in the earth, Diversity means algae as much as flowers So

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When I was 12, nearly 13, I had a science project due; one of my first of secondary school. I loved forests so I decided to look at the effects of deforestation which led me to studies of Greenhouse Gases. It was 2004 and while people knew about “global warming”, it was not on the

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Digital Media and Nature Conservation

Technology and nature are often portrayed as opposing forces. We are told to “log off” and go outside. The manner in which digital and other medias can extend a love of wildlife and the outdoors¬†to those not raised with it is often overlooked outside of an academic context but there are ways in which the

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