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From London to Glasgow 2011 #3: York

We arrived in York to a surprisingly gorgeous day. What marred our enjoyment of the sweltering heat was the half hour walk to our hostel. This walk actually took about an hour because we got lost twice. The walk would have been beautiful under any other circumstances. The river was idyllic, the green parks that

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From London to Glasgow 2011 #2: Oxford

The first time I was ever in Oxford I was walking between pubs with a group of guys and one of them was bending my ear about some novelist I had never heard of. I was not really listening because I was keeping an eye on a drunk that was staggering in our direction. “He

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From London to Glasgow 2011 #1: London, Museums, Markets and Getting Lost

After the successful hostel trip down the Mayo-Galway in 2010, me, A (from that trip) plus S and Shona decided to go further afield the next summer after our exams. So we started off in London and traveled up the UK by train; Oxford, York, Edinburgh, Fort William and Glasgow.   The flight to London took

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