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Less Loveable Lifeforms Like Me

Celebrate saving the less charismatic Write odes to plankton, snail and flies, Our love of birds and mammals may be automatic, But we struggle to value lichen in our lives. It’s harder to sing of fungi than of tigers, Hard to remember the worm in the earth, Diversity means algae as much as flowers So

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We call it Heritage

Ireland occasionally trips over its relationship with its own heritage. In the same week that Donald Trump declared March, Irish-American Heritage Month, to the discomfort of many, Irish minister for ‘Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs’,  Heather Humphreys proposed a bill being known as the ‘Heritage Bill’ which contains provisions thought to actively harm the Irish

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From London to Glasgow 2011 #5: Fort William

The train from Glasgow to Fort William takes four hours and winds its way up the west Scottish coast. It is worth every second. Of course I like trains. Buses and cars make me nauseous sometimes but I can read and eat all I like on trains. There’s space to walk around and stretch your

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