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Internalising Writing Advice – Portraits & Dreams

There are lots of things that make the transition between writing sometimes and being a quote-unquote "writer" but at least some of them are psychological. For years you consume "Top 10 Tips on Plotting Your Novel" and listen to TEDTalks... Continue Reading →


When the darkest days come we come together, We may never know why happiness sets up apart but tragedy stretches out a hand and lips to kiss it better.

Write my masters thesis (Bucket List #29)

As per my ongoing This is not a bucket list Bucket let, #29 was to write my masters thesis which I have done! I spent six months of my life eyeball deep in data on biodiversity monitoring citizen science in... Continue Reading →

Beginning again, again, again

This is a beginning that will be repeated again and again and again This is a story that is being retold, the same but new Beginning is the oldest thing you know how to do Again, again, again. Beginnings are... Continue Reading →

The Benefits and Damages of Hibernation

Blinkingly, I stick my head outside my cave. The sunlight seems foreign to me now. It stings but in a strangely comforting way, like antiseptic on a grazed knee. Words are not so easy when all the communication I've done... Continue Reading →

Rome in France Lyon & Nimes

We arrived in Lyon to an evening of heavy snow. We were running late after getting the tram and two metros from the airport to our hostel on the quays of the river Saone. The Cool and Bed Hostel is... Continue Reading →

From London to Glasgow 2011 #2: Oxford

The first time I was ever in Oxford I was walking between pubs with a group of guys and one of them was bending my ear about some novelist I had never heard of. I was not really listening because... Continue Reading →

The World Ends Every Year

So with New Years 2012, the question is if the Mayan calendar thing is true and we only have a few days left, what do we want to do with it? Which is a terrible question really because let's be honest; everyone is... Continue Reading →

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