Table-top RPG Writing

Examples of table-top role-playing game work I’ve created or contributed to:

Murder on the Eberron Express

Murder on the Eberron Express is a Mithral best-selling DMs Guild’s murder mystery set in Eberron, an unusual D&D setting with a pulp noir feel.

Confined on a moving lightning rail, where the murderer changes each time you run it and the players know that the murderer could be one of them….

Animal Sidekicks – Blink Dog

My contribution to the Animal Sidekicks anthology, a faithful friend for any adventure.

The Will

The arch-mage Riordan Galenodel has died and his tower is now unattended. He sent a puzzling last will and testament into the nearby village of Briarloch right before his death asking for capable people to secure his tower and seal it up. To prove his point, there are already rumours of creatures prowling the woods, causing trouble for the villagers. Now your party has been brought in to deal with finding the body and sealing the tower before anything else goes wrong.

Mycelial Groves in TPK Bestiary Vol. 2

A group of monsters formed of sentient groves of fungi, complete with ecology, harvesting, and battle tactics.

Dublin & Dragons

An original and very Irish homebrew #dnd actual play podcast on the island nation of Elderhaven, under the shadow of the neighbouring Sesrin Empire.